IMPULSI Onlus issues the call for entries for the cinema section of “INTERIORA mostra ciò che hai dentro” Indipendent Horror Festival, 6th edition. The Festival will take place in Rome at Spazio “Factory” of MACRO Testaccio from October 31 to November 2, 2017 and at Città dell’Altra Economia from November 1 to 5, 2017.


1.1. The participation in this call implies full acceptance of all its points.

1.2. Participation is limited to independent films, will therefore be excluded works intended for commercial exploitation.

1.3. The Official Competition is dedicated to horror themed films, completed after October 30, 2015.

1.4. Films submitted must be of a maximum duration of 25 minutes.

1.5. Works already presented in previous editions of the Festival will not be accepted.

1.6. Films in languages other than English must be submitted subtitled in English or in Italian.


2.1.  To submit your film you must provide a digital version of it using one of the following websites:

clickforfest festhome

WARNING! Submitting online your film entails the approval of all the part of this call.

2.2. By submitting online you warrant that:

  • all the informations provided are correct;
  • you are the rights owner of the film and have right release for any music used for it;
  • if selected, you will allow the Festival to show the film in public without compensation for the author the film can be shown in public without compensation for the author during the Festival itself or any other event related to it;
  • your work does not contain any defamatory material;
  • you indemnify the Festival from all responsibility, payment or any dispute with third parties;


2.3. Works must be submitted no later than September 15, 2017.

2.4.The Festival will not take charge of any cost related to the film submission.

2.5. The Festival is not reponsible for loss or damage of the files submitted under no circumstances.

2.6. Files submitted will not be returned.


3.1. Only works submitted through the Film Submission and within the deadline (see part 2 of this call) will be taken in consideration.

3.2. The Jury of the Festival reserves the right to determine eligibility of works submitted for their creativity and originality, for their relevance to the Festival theme and for their cinematographic quality.

3.3. Works deemed to be of interest can be selected directly by the Jury or screen out of Official Competition.

3.4. The Jury’s decisions are final, irrevocable and unquestionable.


4.1. The Festival will send a comunication only to the selected films and a list of the selected films will be posted online at

4.2. Films not selected will not receive any comunication.

4.3. Films selected cannot be retired from the Festival Selection.

4.4. Films selected could be used by the Festival as per term 2.2 of this call.

4.5. The Festival, if necessary, reserves the right to take decisions concerning any issue not explicity stated in this call.

Art. 5 – AWARDS

5.1. Films selected will compete for the following awards:

– “Interiora” Award  for the best short film;

– “Incubo” Award  for the direction;

– “Bela Lugosi” Award  for the performance;

– “Per Grazia Ricevuta” Award by Festival’s audience;

5.2. The Jury of the Festival will award all prizes except for “Per Grazia Ricevuta” awarded by the Festival’s audience through open vote during the screening.

5.3. Films awarded can be sent to other Festivals partner of INTERIORA upon confirmation from both parties.

For further information or clarifications: